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VA4U Audio Mail

The use of audio mail for some clients may be an ideal way of transferring audio typing to a Virtual Assistant.  Provided that a client and a VA can agree on a product then it can be used for many things from diary updates, typing requests, email monitoring, minute taking. 

Examples of Voice mail software that we are aware of are

ICQ (I Seek U) www.icq.com

A popular piece of software for linking people through chat rooms, instant messaging, voice mail, alerting of people signing on.  Webmaster likes this software.


Rocketmail  www.rocketmail.com

Effective offering, from Yahoo by the look of it, when we saw it working.  When testing the link above couldn't find how to sign-up.  Still its worth a look.

Eventually the use of voice in real time across the web will become simpler to acquire cheaply, configure and use for both client and VA.  We will try to keep you updated on any facilities that we hear about.


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