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A Virtual Assistant will help you streamline your working and personal life, save you money, save you time and make you more effective.

VA4U provides comprehensive international registers of our Virtual Assistant (VA) Members.  Each Virtual Assistant has their own personal web page and directory where they describe the services that they offer and details so you can contact them.

You can locate a Virtual Assistant members web home page in different ways, click on a link below:-

. By International Geographical Region

. By Services and Skills

. By Length of Membership

. Slideshow of Members Home Pages

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Virtual Assistant Regional Registers

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Most anyone can become a Virtual Assistant if they can provide services across the internet.  If you have a skill or services that you would like to offer to customers in the virtual medium then you should become a virtual assistant with VA4U.  As a Virtual Assistant you can make money whilst still maintaining an excellent way of life.

By joining VA4U you will gain all the benefits of membership completely for FREE!  You get a free personalised web page, free redirectable Email address, an increased web presence and more.  For further information on the benefits of VA membership, Click Here.

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The Office

We have put together a number of web pages to provide facilities for Virtual Assistants that we have called 'The Office'.  The pages include an excellent list of search engines, automatic foreign language translators, references utilities, useful links and much much more.

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Virtual Assistant Information

The internet and modern technology has empowered many individuals to create the new industry of Virtual Assistants (VA's). 

If you require help find out what a VA is, how they can save you money and what a VA can do for you.  If you are considering become a VA it will help you to see if you have have what it takes to become a VA. 

We also list recommended VA organisations, articles on the Virtual Assistant industry and the Members Area.

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