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Currently there has been few published articles on Virtual Assistants as this is a relatively new concept to the public and the business world.  Below are listed some articles that discuss the role and growth of the virtual assistant industry.  

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Top 7 Ways To Choose The Best Virtual Assistant (The Human Kind) That Can Help Increase Your Success:>

An interesting set of pointers about the requirements and relationships between a Virtual Assistant and their client.  Worth reading for Virtual Assistants and Clients alike.


Article about the industry on IVAA web site.

 Virtually an assistant  The Guradian
It will probably come as something of a surprise to British bosses that many of their PAs harbour a secret desire to leave the company and work for themselves. And temping agencies will be equally amazed to learn just how much of their business these new self-employed secretaries intend to take.

Published: 12 March 2001

Enter the era of the virtual assistant The Times Persistent telephone calls and a mounting pile of paperwork can damage even the most organised start-up business. Yet for many, the cost of appointing a full-time secretary is prohibitive and, for some, a Miss Moneypenny is plainly impractical. Few who set up their business from home have sufficient space to squeeze in an employee, or the resources to take out employer's insurance. 

Published: 26 February 2000

The boss needs some help CRÈME 

No matter how far technology advances, for many busy professionals there are just too few hours in the day. As they strive to juggle heavy work schedules and home demands, even the services of a super-efficient PA are not enough They need more help, especially outside work - but where to get it? For London executives, at least, the answer may be a new service called Virtual Assistance, which for an annual fee will take care of day-to-day tasks.

Do your homework on homeworking  Technological advances have made it possible for the self-employed to forsake the use of business premises and move their operations base elsewhere. But whether it is the family home or a high street office, it is essential that the costs of running a business are considered carefully to ensure that no more income tax is paid than is necessary.The self-employed generate their income by setting off their expenses against income.
Published: 19 February 2000

Technology to time your day with Since Jack Nilles coined the phrase "telecommuters" in 1973, the world has seen big increases in road traffic and technological advances - but also far greater opportunities for working from home. The world of work is going to change, but it may not be all for the best.
Published: 1 February 2000

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