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VA4U - Virtual Assistant Information

In this Section we aim to cover the standard areas of maintenance that our members require:-

If you do not find what you are after then you may want to try our FAQ page or please do email us at the appropriate mail address on our Contact Us page.


Change your Personal Details

If you would like to change your personal details, the contents of your web page, Click Here.




Bulletin Board

We have provided a bulletin board facility to enable Virtual Assistants to ask questions, create contacts and also advertise any offers that they want to highlight*.  We urge members to visit the bulletin board regularly as we hope to encourage potential clients to register their work requirements.  If you would like to post anything or view the current posts Click Here.

* Special Offers will be only be allowed to be posted on a six week basis and will be removed after this time



Add or Modify your Skills or Services

The skills or Services that you offer are displayed on you personal VA4U web page.  Additionally, you are then referenced in the Skills and Services Registers.  If you would like to Add or Change the skills that you offer, Click Here




At VA4U we are aware that SPAM, or unwanted junk email, is sent to mail addresses of our Members.  We have not release mail addresses to anyone and do not condone any form of bulk email marketing.

Some SPAM is made to look like it originated at VA4U, but these have forged mail headers and do not originate from VA4U.

SPAM is typically bulk email aimed at mail addresses which have been collected by people and sold to marketing companies.  We have endeavoured to make it difficult for email addresses to be siphoned off the Web site by automatic collecting programs but cannot stop mail addresses being added to these lists by humans or if you use your mail address when registering with other organisations.

We recommend that you never respond to a junk mail by asking them to remove you from there list.  This is because this only confirms to the marketing company that they have your attention and that someone is reading the SPAM, which encourages them to send you more.

We also recommend that you try not to open your mails or use autopreview as this can link back to their websites and therefore enables them to that the mail is being read.

Our Solution

If SPAM is becoming an increasing problem for we are happy to change you mail address which will then deactivate your current mail address and stop the SPAM.  This will mean you will have a new mail address and therefore will need to inform people that use your old mail address that it has changed.  To request a change to mail address because of SPAM please mail    and provide your current VA4U mail address your chosen new VA4U mail address and password.


VA4U is offering a  program to enable VA members to generate revenue by offering Internet Service Provisions.  


VA4U is offering a  program to enable VA members to generate revenue by offering Internet Service Provisions.  

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