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What is a Virtual Assistant (VA)?

A Virtual Assistant (VA) is a person that remotely supply services that assist with personal or business organisation.  A Virtual Assistant may be a self employed home working freelancer, a small company made up of a group of Virtual Assistants that either works from home or a centralised office.

The idea of a Virtual Assistant is someone that is employed to help with whatever it is that you need assistance with.

Typically services are delivered using any of the modern technologies available today; these include computers, the Internet, Fax, Electronic mail and Telephones without the need to physically meet.  As new and improved technology becomes available Virtual Assistants will adapt and take advantage of them to become quicker, more accurate and efficient and therefore providing a more economical and effective service to their customers.

Although services are delivered in a virtual way, we also believe that Virtual Assistants, where required, should also make themselves available to meet with the clients that they work for, as personal contact is still going to be important despite the advent of the technological revolution that is happening.  The need for contact, at times, will allow business relationships and trust to be developed.

Most people think VA's are individuals who provide secretarial services, contact services, administration services - BUT the list is endless, you name it, they can do it!  They are dedicated, skilled and professional people who are driven to succeed to make a powerful and dynamic impact on your business.

The services Virtual Assistants will supply are well known to us already in the work place, we traditionally know them as one of many different names, some of which are listed below:-

To view all the different services that offered by out VA Members follow the link VA4U Services and Skills Register

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Virtual Assistants are the future

The use of Virtual Assistants is inevitable as more companies rationalise their workforces due to the technological advances that have been seen in the arenas of computing and communications.  The ability of an individual to complete the work of many is becoming a reality in the workplace.  The efficient use of computing power and modern telecommunications will overtake the need for large workforces to complete clerical, administrative functions from monolithic office blocks. 

As computers become cheaper to acquire, access to the internet becomes free and telephone connections to the ISP's becomes free, work will be more likely to be completed from home.  This will reduce the numbers of hours that need to be spent on work, negating the need for travel pollution, time and costs. The cost to the employer will reduce as office space, canteens, equipment is not required and that the costs involved in clothing, food etc. reduces for the employee.

A good range of subjects surrounding the world of a Virtual Assistant can be found at European Telework Online.



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