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VA4U - Why Use A Virtual Assistant?

A Virtual Assistant is the answer to many peoples problems. A Virtual Assistant will give you all the benefits of a permanent Personal Assistant without having to employ one full-time. Therefore, giving you the ability to utilize your time more wisely becoming more productive.

Why would you need a Virtual Assistant?

  • Your workload exceeds your current staff's ability to meet deadlines
  • You have seasonal or ad-hoc projects
  • You have limited resources to invest in additional computer equipment
  • You have limited computer/internet expertise
  • You have limited office space for additional staff
  • You travel and need a contact person
  • You need personal attention
  • You only have a few hours of assistance work per day, week or month

What you don't have to consider?

Overheads, office space, payroll, personnel problems, hassle, typing, spelling, word processing, complicated computer software to learn, temping agencies!

What you do get?

Reduced cost for staffing and overtime, piecemeal project work, Professional image, excellent standard of communication, holiday cover, sickness cover, maternity leave, more time with your family and friends, delegated responsibility, a partner helping in your success

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