Free Web Pages and Web Directory

Your Free Web Pages

When you register with we will create you a free web page that will detail your capabilities and business.  We format your page based upon the information than you give us when you register. You are allowed up to 3 free pages with VA4U, additional pages are charged at a reasonable rate.

Links will be made to your personal web page from the Members Registers, the Skills Registers, Slideshows and Chronological Registers.

We will only display your VA4U email address which is then redirected to your personal e-mail address.  Personal and address information will not be shown unless you request it during the registration.

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Your Free Web Directory

When you register you will be asked for the name of your Web Directory name.  The name you choose will decide the address of your free web page, the choices include the following formats /<your web directory><your web directory><your web directory>

In fact, you are able to put anything you want in the first part of the web address.

<anything><your web directory>

If you wish to have a picture added to your page then e-mail one to us and we will happily add it.  If you wish to have a personalized web page then send your page to us at free  .  We will also be happy to create personal web pages for you or your clients, see below. 

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Your Clients Free Web Page.

We will be offering web space* to registered VA's for the purpose of advertising their clients businesses.  These will take the form of web business cards that can detail the clients business information and link into their other personal web pages.

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Extending Your Web Presence

In the future we believe that it is going to become more and more difficult to be found on the web, extending the number of places that a persons web data is held on the internet will increase the likelihood of it being found.

We will consider your multiple page mini-webs to be added to our site for free up to 3 pages, over that a nominal fee based upon the size of your request.  If you require the creation of a web site then let us know and we will be able to help with the setting up, design and maintenance of the site.  For further information contact  

* This will be limited based upon demand.

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