What is VA4U.com

The purpose of VA4U Virtual Assistant web is to create a forum whereby, Virtual Assistants may advertise their services for free. We aim to add value to the growing job description of Virtual Assistant in the World.  We aim to provide free facilities, where ever possible, as we believe that the reduction in costs of the internet will provide almost unlimited capacity for everyone. Revenue is only to be generated through advertising and aim of the Web master is to generate interest in the site because it is a central point of reference for the Virtual Assistants and their clients. We intend to provide services to Assistants and help them connect with potential clients.

Currently, Virtual Assistant 4 U is oriented to the Administrative/Personal Assistant, but we expect this to grow as the market of personnel changes. We hope that IT specialists, Accountants, Proof Reader and emerging professionals will consider offering their services so that they can also work in the virtual environment, any profession could and should take advantage of the capabilities of the Internet without it being too complicated or costing them the earth.

The intention is to provide Virtual Assistants and their clients with an E-mail facility and free web spaces to advertise themselves.

The concept of a Virtual assistant was new to the UK and Europe, whereas it has grown in size in the US. We believe that to be an effective VA in the future there has to be some form of locality between VA and client. There will always be the need to meet the person at the end of the line to ensure that a partnership is maintained between client and VA. Although the Internet is crossing and breaking down international borders there will always be a difference in cultures (we hope), even between countries or regions that speak the same language. Finding the right VA for the Client, and finding the right Client for the VA is incredibly important if the service is to succeed.

We are a UK based operation and have concentrate our efforts on the USA and UK market, but have expanded to cater different countries including India, Canada and Australia and hope to cater for others in the future. If you want to contribute to the Web site and provide information for your respective country please contact .

We see that VAs are to become a part of modern business and personal organization as it provides flexibility and cost benefits to both the client and the Assistant.

We believe that soon VAs may want to work on an ad-hoc or temporary basis only, and that others may want to create a long term relationship between individuals working to a common cause. We would like to see both forms of work flourish, in fact we would like to see VAs servicing each others requirements in a cooperative environment. Not all VAs can do everything so where expertise is required other VAs may be utilised to exercise their area of specialty.

We envisage individuals Assisting a number of long term clients simultaneously. Based on the requirements of the clients we foresee numbers of clients ranging from 1 to 20 clients at a time.

Nigel Rigby