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VA4U - Virtual Assistants For You -  Flexi Page Introduction

VA4U - Flexi Page

Welcome to the Home Page for Flexi Page Web Pages

Flexi Page is a fully configurable web page.  It allows you to choose what your home page looks like.  You can create up to 24 special links that:- 

  • have any picture of your choosing
    • flexi page comes with predefined pictures that you can use
    • you may use any picture from your PC
    • you may use any picture visible to you on the Internet
  • You can change the width and height of the image that is displayed on your page
  • You can configure the picture to link to any location on your PC or the Internet
  • You can define what pop up display is shown when you hold your mouse over the image
  • You can drag and drop you special link to any position on the page 

and what's more there are eight of these pages! The pages have been designed to be easily used without any complicated programming and yet incredibly flexible in what you can choose to see. Click on the link below to give it a try.


Flexi Pages are fully configurable web pages that allow you to define images and destination for your hyperlinks.

When you enter the page for the first time you will be prompted for to select a page title, the number of links and your email address that you wish to associate with the page.  All the details are changeable at any time in the future.

Once you have entered the information you will have a number of menu buttons displayed down the side and the number of special links you chose displayed on the screen.  Initially the special links will display globe images like the picture at the top of the section, you can now go and change the images.  This is achieved by clicking the following menu button.

We suggest you read the Help first, which will describe the way you set up your special links and all the options that are available.  The Help is accessed by clicking the following menu button.

Any changes that you make to the page are kept and redisplayed to you exactly as you left them next time you revisit the page.

You can change the URL (Universal Resource Locator (web address)), picture image, picture sizes and picture text for each of the links on your page.  You may reposition the link by dragging it around the screen.

If you like the flexi page make it your home page, and if you want any images adding then let me know.

Enough, if you have problems then read the help or contact me at



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