Japan Karate Association - JKA NOIDA

Japan Karate Association - JKA NOIDA

Uttar Pradesh

Member Since: April 2005


Short Description

The JKA NOIDA is an institution that offers the highest standards of instruction in Karatedo. We are members of the Japan Karate Association -= India, and the All India Karatedo Federation.

The JKA NOIDA is headed by Sensei Neeraj Dhawan, JKA.

Full Description

Home to Champions... in Karate and in Life.

When you train at the JKA NOIDA, you can be sure of training alongside many All-India National Champions as well as Indian Internationals.

Training under Sensei Dhawan is very hard, as he is a strict disciplinarian. He has been a longstanding member of the JKA India and the AIKF, and apart from winning the National Titles on several occasions, he has also been on the National JKA & All Styles karatedo Team since 1997.

Services Offered:

  • Articles
  • Training
  • Karate & Self Defence Seminars

Contact Details:

Neeraj Dhawan

Postal Address:

JKA NOIDA, The School
A-73, Sector 34
Uttar Pradesh

Telephone: 9810099675



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