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VA4U - Upload a Web Page and create your own personal website

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We offer the facility to add web pages to your free web directory to create a web site of your own.   This will improve your advertising on the web and the ability to attract new work

Nearly everything on VA4U is free, additional files can be uploaded to your web directory for free including the following:-

  • Up to 3 extra pages to be added to your web directory 
  • Content of personal web page
  • Images for use in the personal web directory

There are charges for the following files uploaded:-

  • Additional Pages above 3 that are added to your web directory
  • Personal Web Pages that do not use the VA4U standard format

For detail about the charges associated with these, Click Here

Please note that no charges are made for uploading files only for their use on the website.

Enter Your details in the space provided below:

VA4U E-mail
VA4U directory
VA4U membership No.
VA4U password

Attach all the files that you require for your web page including any graphic images that are used.  If you require more than 10 files then you may zip them and send them as a single file.  If you have any problems with this form you may alternatively send a mail to with all of your files attached.

Upload this File. Maximum file size allowed is 150 KB
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By joining VA4U you will gain all the benefits of membership completely for FREE!  We ask for no payment for registration or for any work that is generated.  For further information on the benefits of membership for Virtual Assistants and their Clients, Click Here.

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