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The Virtual Assistant Registers are organised into different categories to help you find the Virtual Assistant For You.  

There is a set of Regional Registers that display all of the Members of VA4U based upon their geographical location.  These registers may be accessed through the geographical menus that are navigated by either clicking on regions of the maps, flags of countries or the text links below.

There is also a register of  all virtual assistants and a slideshow facility to cycle through VA4U members personalised web pages

Each register is made up of a list of all the Virtual Assistant members in the region, clicking on the name of the member will take you to the short description of the member from where you will be able to link to their personal web page for more details

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Click on the region of the world map from where you are interested in finding a Virtual Assistant

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To view a list of all the registered Virtual Assistants in the order they joined, Click below

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