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Listed below is the va4u register of members that offer Word Processing services services. The Word Processing services register of members is ordered by continent and then country. Where there are a large number of Word Processing services that offer services in a single country we have divided the country into separate regions. Click on the country or region link to view the short descriptions of our Virtual Assistant members that offer Word Processing services as a service. From there you will be able to link to the members personal web page to view their full details and be able to contact them.

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As well as Word Processing services, we also have registers of the following related services, click on the link below to view the services providers of your choice

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To register with VA4U as a Virtual Assistant you will need to complete our registration form which will be processed for you and your free web page, directory and all the other features will be created for you.  To Register Click Here and chose the registration form that is suitable for you.  Currently there are separate registration forms for each of the regionalised countries, USA, UK, India, Canada and Australia and International forms in English, Spanish and French for all of the other countries.

Most anyone can become a Virtual Assistant if they can provide services across the internet.  If you have a skill or services that you would like to offer to customers in the virtual medium then you should become a virtual assistant with VA4U.  As a Virtual Assistant you can make money whilst still maintaining an excellent way of life.

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The internet and modern technology has empowered many individuals to create the new industry of Virtual Assistants (VA's). 

If you require help find out what a Virtual Assistant (VA) is, how they can save you money and what a VA can do for you.  If you are considering become a VA it will help you to see if you have have what it takes to become a VA.  We have put together a directory of pages that deal with the most common questions asked about the Virtual Assistant profession by both potential clients and Virtual Assistants.  Click Here to find out more information about employing or becoming a Virtual Assistant

We also list recommended VA organisations, articles on the Virtual Assistant industry and the Members Area.

If you don't find out the answer to your question you can always visit out Bulletin Board and post  your question.

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